Daren Marcus

Righter of Wrongs, Singer of Songs, Admirer of Fine Furniture


CLASS: Cleric

DEITY: Dremana, goddess of beauty

DOMAINS: Healing, Sun

RACE: Human (Adult)

AGE: 25


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good


HEIGHT: 6’ 1"

WEIGHT: 240 lbs.



HAIR: dark brown


Daren Marcus is the son of a carpenter who ran a small furniture shop located in Brandenburg, a city of the Free-lands near the eastern border of the Balmorian Empire. His father sent him to a local cloister of Dremana at a young age in order to learn the craft of carpentry and wood carving, hoping that Daren might some day take over the family business.

Daren’s older sister, Dura, had been sent ahead of him to that same cloister to focus on her religious studies. Unlike her younger brother, Dura was a true zealot fanatically devoted to the tenets of Dremana. Her main ambition in life was to create places of peace and beauty were none previously existed – and to cleanse the world of all undead. Her hostility toward the undead was abstract and universal, she considered them to be an ugly blight on an otherwise pure and beautiful creation.

As soon as her training as a Cleric of Dremana was complete, Dura took off on a pilgrimage to visit various northern barbarian tribes. Her mandate from the cloister was to heal the sick and wounded, but also to introduce cosmetics and dental hygiene to the barbarian hoards. That was seven years ago and no one in the Marcus clan has heard tale of her since then. Of course, Dura was a driven woman who didn’t really consider writing letters to be a good use of her time. Perhaps she lives still. Daren would certainly like to think so.

It has been nearly five years since Daren was summoned from the cloister to return to Brandenburg due to unfortunate circumstances. His father and younger brother had been collecting wood in a nearby forest when they were attacked and slain by plague zombies. As soon as news of the incident reached cloister of Dremana, the entire cloister was mobilized into an inquisition force to trace the plague zombies to their source and prevent any threat of zombie plague from reaching the city of Brandenburg.

The inquisition found an unmarked mass grave hidden in the forest. The chief inquisitors were able to consecrate the site, but only after slaying several plague zombies in the process. Though they did not fall by his hands, Daren’s father and brother were found among the zombified dead. Shortly thereafter, Daren’s mother sold the furniture shop and used the proceeds as a dowry to remarry. She eventually married a pepper merchant and now travels with a caravan upon the sands of the Ikhtar desert.

Thus did Daren Marcus find himself homeless and broke by the time he came of age, his mother and older sister his only surviving relatives. He still sojourns with his mother once or twice a year when her husband’s caravan returns to Brandenburg each spring. Now Daren endeavors to follow in his sister’s footsteps, to become a mighty cleric of Dremana, to carve peace and beauty into the rough and blighted places of the world.

As an appointed ward of the Dremana cloister, Daren completed his religious studies with honors and received a mandate to visit the refugee camp of Hope near the northern borders of Balmoria. It had been rumored that a plague had recently broken out in the camp and that clerics were in high demand, though there was little or no monetary reward offered in return for services rendered. Shortly after he arrived in Hope, it became Daren’s primary duty to purify food and drink so as to prevent the plague from spreading any further.

As a lowly Cleric of the Third Order of Dremana, he wishes to advance in his training until he is able to remove disease from individuals entirely. Deran’s hatred of the undead is intensely personal, and he rarely shares the story of his father and brother’s demise, though his animosity toward the undead is readily known to all who call him friend. In his spare time he likes to carve small figurines out of leftover firewood with the carpentry tools he received as a young student at the Dremana cloister.

Daren Marcus

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