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World: Shandul’Ki ( Shan-duel-ki)
Current date: 28 Metri 511 KR
Location: Refugee camp town of “Hope” located in the remnants of the Balmorian Empire. Hope was established in 490 KR (King’s Reckoning) during the 1st Orcish incursion. Refugees from the Wild North, pushed across the border smashing through the empire’s defenses and ravaging the countryside as they fled hordes of Orcs and Goblins. The empire having just suffered an assassination of their emperor and suffering infighting could not fight both the Orcish hoards and the fleeing barbarians. The kingdoms of the empire marshaled their forces to stall the Orcs and to force a deal on the barbarian tribes. The deal created refugee camps for the majority of the refugees and allowed their warriors a place to fight alongside the Balmorian forces against a mutual foe. This uneasy alliance has held for almost 20 years but even after so long there is still distrust as the barbarian families are almost hostages and the empire cannot trust the barbarians to not become roaming bandits. Despite heavy losses of territory in the North the battle lines have stalled. At Hope children have been born to squalid conditions in the camp, Balmorians who have lost their homes in the North have since added to the ranks of initial barbarian refugees. Hope has been built in a recent crater almost a mile in diameter whose high walls serve to keep bandits in and refugees from scattering.

Creating Characters:
Ability Scores: you have 75 points to spend on ability scores in a 1 to 1 ratio.
Races: Players guide races only. Note: Elves age faster and only live to about 200 in this world. Starting age for elves is 18 +2D6 across the classes.

Classes: Player’s guide Classes only

Alignment: Any non Evil. Overall Balmoria is lawful good, but like most human cultures have diversity. Barbarians are Chaotic (usually Neutral and some good). Or by race.

Traits: None.

Gods: See Gods Spreadsheet. if you have a special request such as a certain combo of domains or a specific deity from another campaign setting let me know since there are some transplant gods in this world.

Starting level is 3rd

Starting Wealth: is 3000GP

Equipment and Items from Player’s guide. If there is an item from another source that you feel is appropriate for your character send me the info I am reasonable.

Balmorian empire has a strong tradition of clerics and paladins. Large city centers, soaring temples, and castles. They have a knightly tradition and usually favor two handed swords (Great sword/ Bastard swords) or single handed swords and shields. Balmorians are mainly humans but their cities contain a diversity of races. There are also some enclaves of gnomes and halflings.

People of the North:

-There are human barbarian tribes that originated North of the Frontier River. On the coast they have strong sailing traditions and ply the seas and rivers in long boats. Their government is decentralized with an occasional gathering to discuss regional issues, treaties, religious rites, and to celebrate. Druids serve as the primary spiritual leaders with some nature clerics. Sorcerers can also be found in barbarian tribes.

-Wood elves : These elves follow the rules for regular elves but eschew urban settings preferring loose tribes and the woods. They tend towards druids, rangers and sorcerers.

People of the Ikhtar desert:

-Human nomads : These darker complexioned people ply the great desert either as raiders or traders. They live in tents and ride strange humped quadrupeds called camels. The favor scimitars, traditional daggers, bows, spears, and wear light to medium armor. Renown as light cavalry and stealthy fighters.

-Caliphate of Ikhtar: Includes cities and other permanent settlements. These people came to the desert long ago bringing ideas of permanent settlements and intermarried with the nomadic natives. These people are darker complexioned than the nomads and use spears and khopeshes , light to medium armor, but utilize horses and chariots.
Dwarven holds: A loose collection of city states that cover vast underground chambers with tunnels leading to the other holds like underground high ways.
-Border holds: These holds have more interaction with outsiders often acting as a point of trade between the Dwarves and other races trading precious minerals for grains and wood. Very cosmopolitan, many dwarves found in the outside world are from this stock.

-Deep Dwarves: Some Dwarven holds lay deep underground mining deep and trading mainly with other underground races. There are some trade routes to other surface holds.

-Isolated holds: Found deep in the mountain ranges. Although there are rich ores there trade is usually conducted with border holds. These people are the original descendants of the dwarves and have the most prestigious heritage. They are more arrogant and tend to look down on other dwarves much less other races.

Grey Elves: These Elves consider themselves the pure bloods and noblest of the Elves. The have built great sprawling cities and high culture. Staunch negotiators they have built great wealth trading with neighboring Dwarves, High Elves, and Humans. They maintain a fairly large standing army utilizing bows, long spears, and long swords. Although they use cavalry, their main forces consist of infantry. The Grey elves also use aerial cavalry (Giant Eagles) and small elite special forces units. The grey elf lands are primarily rolling hills and border into steeper terrain.

High Elves: Through the generations these people have mixed with the other races and realms exchanging culture, ideas, and even bloodlines to a small degree. Their realm consists of wilderness areas with both conventional and treehouse structures. This group is the most populous of the elves reveling in life, poetry, and dance. These elves favor the use of bows and long swords as well as light armor. Militarily they have a moderately sized standing army but can quickly mobilize volunteers. They are renown for their scouts, warrior maidens riding unicorns, and elk rider cavalry. They can also field irregular units which excel in guerilla combat.

Free lands: Open prairie lands between the Balmorian Empire and the Empire of the East Lands. This land is ruled by no king. Rather it is a collection of independent free towns and cities with ties of trade and mutual protection. Some town are ruled by iron fisted tyrants, some by trade cartels, and others by town councils. The populations are mainly human but some towns can boast many exotic races. The town of Brandenburg is ruled through proxies by secret power brokers, has substantial trade networks, and even has a Drow Elf by the name of “Mr. Fixit” as the sheriff of the town. The free lands often fall into the “grey” area with loose morality and exotic flavor.

Drow Elves (Dark Elves): Known for their jet black skin and their blacker hearts. On the surface little is known about the drow since their long ago exodus from the surface. Occasionally they raid the surface world and sometimes exert influence in some region for their own profit back in their home lairs. They have a hatred for their surface kin and the feeling is reciprocated. After Lolth turned on Corellon Larethian and was cast down their followers fought with the result of the elves driving the Drow underground and sealing them away. Although the Drow wandered for many years dwindling in numbers, the eventually colonized several large caverns and prospered. They gather their strength looking for ways to appease their goddess and subjugate the lesser races, hoping to one day get revenge on their surface kin. They have several secret routes leading to the surface where they work from the shadows obtaining power or conducting raids.

Orclands: Far to the North East lay the wastelands and mountains of the Orc Lands. These areas contain scattered tribes of Orcs and Goblinoids. Over the last 20 years someone or something has forged these tribes into a nation and has used them to invade the Balmorain Empire and to scatter the various Northern Tribes.
Eastlanders- Ird Empire. Bordering on the East end of the Magis Sea to the wild steppes . This nation of men and hobgoblins rule a vast empire. They have large standing armies but have been repelled by the Freelanders and by the Isle of Sorcere’ on several occasions. This is a slaved based empire with the slave population outnumbering the masters nearly 10 to 1, which is also a reason for a large army. The merchants of the Ird freely travel and are careful to not get caught disobeying laws in other lands. Within the Ird Empire the crime is punished with ruthless efficiency. Thieves guides are rare and secretive organizations that operate as smugglers of exports or agents of the Empire.


Each race may alternately worship from their racial pantheons. The sources can be from 3.0 and 3.5 sources and include the traditional pantheons. For example, the elves throughout the various incarnations of D&D have worshipped Corellon Larethian as their head god with multiple other deities beneath him. Or the drow with Lolth. Or Orcs worshipping Gruumsh One-Eye.

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